What Is A GILF And What Are The Benefits Of Dating One

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You have probably heard of the term GILF, but you may be wondering exactly what one is. We are not talking about the animal here. With that said, if you want to find out what is a GILF, how to find one, as well as the benefits of dating one are, then continue to read the rest of this article.

1. What Is A GILF- A GILF is a woman who is older and likes and dates younger guys than them, but she isn’t a specific age. For example, if a woman is 40-years-old and she likes to date guys in their 20s or even early 30s, then she can be considered a GILF. Also, GILFs tend to date younger guys for intimacy purposes and no-string attach types of relationships and things of and things of that nature. Often, such a woman pursues the guy, but many guys also pursue these older women.

2. How To Find One– There are a number of ways to find older women who are into dating guys younger than them, and one way is to head to bars or nightclubs. However, if you’re looking for the best way to find a GILF, then you should join a dating site that specializes in granny dating. When you join a dating site aimed at GILFs, then you will be able to view profiles of women older than you and you might end up getting messages from older women interested in younger guys. Not all dating sites are created equal, so if you want to join a GILF dating site, then make sure it is reputable and has plenty of granny slappers as members.

Local Granny Dating UK

3. Benefits Of Dating One– There are many benefits of dating a GILF, such as a GILF, or granny slapper knows exactly what they want in the relationship and they often want nothing serious, as they tend to want a relationship that is no-strings attached. If you want an intimate relationship, physically speaking, and that’s all you want, then dating a granny may be for you. A granny slapper fully understands their sexual commitment, and that is one of the best things about dating one.

Grannies seeking

Grannies seeking

Another benefit is that you won’t spend a lot of money because most of these women are already financially well-off. They are older and they have already worked for what they have, which means they will likely not be interested in your money. This also means they don’t really expect to be taken to nice restaurants or be bought expensive items and things of that nature.

You can also learn a lot from dating a GILF. They are older and they have a lot of life experience. What this means is that they can teach you new things and they can make great friends.

Now that you know what a GILF is, and how to find them, you can decide whether or not you want to date one. Remember, there are many benefits of dating one. All you have to do now is join the right site and start looking.

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The Instances of Older Women Dating Younger Men

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The question of older women dating younger men is one of degrees. There are factors that will help to make such a relationship work, and factors that may doom the relationship right from the very start.

Certainly age can make a great difference, and of course it makes a difference, but it is a matter of degree as to how many years there are between the two. If it is a great number of years, then it is likely that the two will have very little in common in the areas of life experiences and interests.

For example a 55 year old woman and a 23 year old man are going to have very little in the way of common interests, with the exception perhaps of sexual compatibility.

While sex is a strong component when two people have an equal desire, if that is the only thing that is keeping them together, chances are it will turn into a flawed relationship.Couples need to be able to converse and relate to one another to the point that they feel as one in common in a variety of areas and interests. The human mind needs to be stimulated from many different angles, topics and discussions.

grannies dating

grannies dating

Older women dating younger men can work, but there will have to be stimulation from the emotional and mental aspects in the relationship as well as just physical attraction.

It is terribly lonely sometimes when people who are used to being in a close relationship is suddenly single. Consequently there is the tendency to jump into relationships a little too quickly without spending time getting to know the person very well.

This can be dangerous and premature in forming the relationship because commitments tend to be made before either party is really ready to follow through on them. In many cases such as these, assumptions are made, without any discussion or planning, and that is when one party gets hurt when the other party “fails to follow through” in the manner expected.

This is a common problem, as the person who made the assumptions feels hurt, but the other party does not even know or become aware that anything went wrong because the couple had not yet developed a mature and meaningful way to really exchange ideas and plans.

It takes a while for two people, especially people with large age range differences to work out their methods of communications. It is almost like two separate generations attempting to converse, when their methods may be entirely different in manner.

It is fair to say that while a relationship where the ages are far apart between the man and the women are going to more fragile that one where the ages are close together, it can succeed if certain qualities are present.

If there is a strong common purpose, close ties in interests, and a great deal of respect between both parties, then the relationship has a much better chance of succeeding over a longer period of time.

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Should You Meet A Granny? The Benefits Of Dating An Older Woman

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gilf dating

gilf dating

May-December relationships between men and women are not at all uncommon and you will find that there are many younger men out there who like to date older women, in the same way that there are young women who prefer to date older men. Now you might be asking, should you meet a granny?

And the answer for us is absolutely clear. Yes, you should meet a granny, and you should do so for the reasons we outlined below.

* Experience is sexy

One thing that older women have that younger women can never have is experience. While anyone can be experienced in sex, it’s really only the older women who know how to treat a man outside of bed and after sex. This experience includes knowing how to make a man feel good about himself even though he thinks so low of himself.

* Emotionally low maintenance

Because they’ve had enough experience with men, most grannies know better than to be drama queens with their younger boyfriends, unless if there’s a real reason to be upset. In other words, granny women tend to be more in control of their emotions and therefore are not as emotionally needy as younger women.

* They have money

Not that we think grannys are personal ATM machines, but it’s really a relief when a woman can pay for dates without begrudging you for it. This is especially true if the only thing that you can afford is a date.

If you’re looking to meet grannies, the first thing you need to do is to sign up with a granny dating site. There are many such dating sites out there, and you can easily find them on Google.

The only question is, which one do you sign up with? Well, we really only have on criteria and it is this: You should only choose the dating site that has many, many profiles of real granny women. If you have friends who are dating older women, ask where they met. I am a member of both HotGrannies.co.uk and a site called GrannyDatingClub.co.uk. They are both UK based and very popular. They have been around for many years and are trusted. Many of my lovely girlfriends are on both sites as well and neither one of us is short of attention from eager young guys, who are looking for NSA action!

If you don’t have any friends who have a taste for older women, then you really don’t have a choice but to read the different reviews published on the Internet. You could also get intel from the different forums out there.

What you want to do is gather the names of at least three dating websites and then check them out for yourself. Are there are enough women there? Remember that online dating is basically a contact-and-numbers game, and your chances of meeting someone who will actually meet with you will increase as you increase the number of women you contact.

Just like anything else, granny dating has its own risks, and the woman you’re dating virtually may not be the person she say she is. What you want to do is to ask a lot of questions and verify her answers. Then ask to meet briefly for coffee. If you like what you see, go ahead and date.

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Five Incredible Granny Dating Tips That Will Make You A Success!

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gilf dating uk

gilf dating uk

If you have been looking for a way to date the hottest grannies online, but didn’t know how you have come to the right place. I am going to show you five of the hottest secrets to dating GILFS in your city or across the world. Whether you have already snagged a gorgeous older lady or are on the prowl for one, these tips are guaranteed to help any man. Obviously, you should understand that this is not going to be a long-term relationship and you are typically just eye candy. You need to exude a certain level of confidence and be willing to give her all the attention she wants and deserves. And finally, never come off as needy to a granny or you are destined for failure. Using these tips will help you snag a hot granny and hold on to her as long as possible.

Let’s take a closer look at these hot granny dating tips for finding and keeping a granny slapper.


This Is Not A Long-Term Relationship

If you are looking to settle down and raise a family, you are more than likely looking in the wrong dating jungle. GILFS have already experienced that aspect of life and are looking for new experiences that will take them to a new stage late in life. They do not want to be bogged down in a heavy relationship. Of course, there are always going to be exceptions to the rule.

Understand Your Role In This Relationship

To be rather blunt about granny slappers, they are looking for fresh meat that is going to look good on their plate. They want hot looking younger guys who they can make a grand entrance into at any social event. Make sure you can handle yourself well in social environments and are able to handle being used solely for your looks and body.

Are You A Confident Man?

Most grannies are looking for young men who are confident in who they are and what they want in life. They are drawn into that quality and if you have it you are going to have much better luck on the hunt. However, keep in mind that cockiness is not confidence. Do not be so into yourself that it pushes her away from you. Hot GILFS love to shoot down arrogant, young cocky boys.

Show Her The Attention She Craves

Many older women are the way they are because of how they were treated in earlier relationships, Many of them come from failed marriages where the husband just never showed his appreciation or love in the right way. So when you are with a granny, make sure that all of you attention is on them and never think about looking at or showing any unneeded attention to another woman in the room.

Never Be The Needy Mans

While a Gran wants and craves attention, she does not want a man she feels as though she has to babysit. When you begin dating a granny, understand that you may need to take a backseat in the relationship and give her full control. Let her make the majority of the plans and go along for the ride. Always be enthusiastic and willing to participate in anything that comes around.

There you go! You have five secret granny dating tips that are going to make your hunt and capture that much easier! Be prepared for one heck of a wild ride and if you follow these tips it is going to be a great one!

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5 Best Cougar Dating Tips For Mature Ladies

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Cougar Dating Tips


If you are contemplating trying out cougar dating, you are probably sick and tired of dating people your ageand may wish for a man who is young, full of zest and energy. Since, you have decided on a category, we should also mention that each person is also an individual, and each love story is different. Still, there are some universal tips which might come in handy for everyone who plans to get in a relationship with a younger guy and enter the world of cougar dating.

1.Be His Sexy Teacher

She is not your peer;still you could be his mentor. Guys mature later on, and they are probably not fully developed individuals, or an independent person. Since you are probably independent, make sure you rub off some of your experience on your sexy cub.Always remember that your boy toy is still exploring the world and its possibilities. They are still searching for themselves. Therefore, you should consider them as your young apprentice. Don’t preach, instead be there for them and be their guide. Ultimately, only you will benefit from it.


2.Give Them Their Freedom (Keep Your Own)

Your younger partner doesn’t want constant attention, and you probably don’t have the time to shower them with it either. You won’t have to worry about being joined at each other’s hip. He will probably demand his own time, because men simply need their own freedom.

This doesn’t mean that he still doesn’t grow strong feelings for you, but they are usually in the relationship with the much older woman because older women are stronger and independent, and less demanding than girls their own age. Give them what they are expecting from you.

3.ListenToYour Cub

Heart_Print_PNG_ClipartMake sure that you listen to your man and what they think is important in a relationship. Make sure that you still let him lead and have their own opinion. You might be the older one, or more mature one in the relationship, still, he is your man and each man likes to be valued by their woman.

4.Don’t Compete With Your Boy-Toy

article-2521298-19FFE22F00000578-275_634x425Onlya strong man can date an older woman. Dating someone much older than you requires being sure of yourself and sometimes dealing with negative comments and standing up to people who are opposing your relationship. He will probably feel much more pressure than you, when it comes to people who are close to your both. He is certain about your qualities and abilities, so don’t try to compete with him. Show him your love and support and emphasize how much you appreciate his qualities.

5.Live For The Moment!

You should not worry about the future and what it will bring. Try to live in the moment and make the most of it. Ultimately, relationships are determined by the people who are in it. Just make sure that you are behaving as yourself in this relationship, and don’t be worried whether it will last or not. Cougar dating is for free people who don’t burden themselves with numbers!

10 Things Cougars Should Never Do!

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